USB 3.0 to VGA / DVI / HDMI Video Graphics Adapter

Name: USB 3.0 to DVI External Graphics
Connectors: USB 3.0 input, DVI output
Port: DVI Gold Plated Port
This adapter is not compatibility with projector.

  • Product Parameters
    Name: USB 3.0 to DVI External Graphics
    Connectors: USB 3.0 input, DVI output
    Port: DVI Gold Plated Port
    Shell: High-grade aluminum alloy shell
    Chip: Displaylink DL-3500
    Memory: DDR2
    Resolution: Up to 2048*1152 32bit color
    Core Frequency: 1066MHz
    Chip Technology: 0.11μ
    Superiority: Realistic graphics, eliminate smearing and ghosting
    Accessories: DVI to HDMI Converter Adapter & DVI to VGA Converter Adapter
    Size: 66mm * 50mm * 20mm

  • Standard Accessories
    USB 3.0 to DVI External Graphics
    1* DVI to HDMI Converter Adapter
    1* DVI to VGA Converter Adapter

    1* Product Specification
    1* Driver CD
    Warranty Card
    1* Certification