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FTDI Chip makes life easier for engineers

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Update time : 2022-01-01 10:03:00

Striving to make life easier for engineers, FTDI Chip has just launched an online community.


Bringing an additional dimension to the company’s existing array of technical support capabilities, this new engineering resource is designed to encourage ongoing interaction between its members – providing a knowledge base that facilitates the sharing of ideas and project information.

Through such activities it will be possible to expedite system developments using FTDI Chip’s broad portfolio of  USB-related products.


Visitors will be able to get tips on how to solve the problems they face and benefit from past experiences that other engineers have had in relation to FTDI Chip technology and associated applications.


The community will initially comprise 5 key areas – namely general discussion, hardware, software, custom drivers and shared projects. The expectation is that further areas will be added as the scope of the community starts to expand.

“Having drawn on information garnered from engineers via our established technical support and social media channels, it was clear to us that there would be real value in implementing a comprehensive platform upon which meaningful engineer-to-engineer discussion could take place,” states FTDI Chip’s CEO and founder, Fred Dart, “the long term objective is for us to grow the membership of this global community over time and to keep on broadening its parameters. Additional functionality will be added, based on feedback, so that the needs of an ever greater proportion of engineers can be attended to.